Writing Challenge Day 6 - write about your feelings for someone

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm sorry that Nanay is sad right now. I know it makes you sad, too. You don't yet understand now but soon, my darling, you will. You see, you are special and one of a kind and brought up a bit unconventionally. When you don't conform to what is normal in our society, unfortunately you are judged... As Nanay is now, Baby-cakes. But I don't care what they say, my little troll, because what they say as "wasting my life" is what actually gives me life... You give me life.
I asked you from God, you are my gift from Him, a blessing; and there is no way that other people will tell Nanay otherwise. That is why we wanted you to be with us in December, so Nanay and Tatay would have the best Christmas ever!

Everyday Nanay will let you hear songs and read you books. Nanay can only imagine how dull it must be in there. And Tatay will.. well, we'll find him something to do for you. We'll definitely always watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon but not Cartoon Network 'cause the only decent shows they air now are the classics, but I'll tell you all about it when you're big enough to argue with me for the remote. Oh and I might even do some sketches of what you might look like, because Nanay's like that, a bit obsessive, only for you. Don't get embarrassed or anything okay if I'm soooo obsessed with you, that's just 'cause Nanay's life will be boring soon and nothing to preoccupy me but you. I might even brag you to your Ninongs and Ninangs and they'll bleed their ears to death listening to me... (sigh)

I love you so so so much now, Baby-cakes, what more when Nanay's belly swell up and you pop right out??

Nanay's excited for the back aches, swollen legs, picky eating, gassy outbursts and roller coaster of emotions that you will cause. You're wreaking havoc already, so proud of you!


P.S. I promise not to give you every toy you want or every candy you desire and to spank you occasionally, if need be. We can't have a spoiled President in this country, do we?

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