Happy Teacher's Day Y'all!

Monday, October 08, 2012

 Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers of the world. We all know that without these educators we would not have doctors, engineers, businessmen, and ofcourse teachers, etc.

I'm a licensed teacher myself and proud of it. But sadly, I'm still not practicing my "craft." But I am consoled by the fact that my work is still in line with what I studied for, being a Proofreader, since I am an English major and not really an education student. I thank the heavens that the curriculum I was part of still offered those 18 units of education subject, vital for me to qualify to take the board exams.

I admit that I gave little importance to the profession at first. But I do remember scribbling 'I want to be a teacher' on my pre-school year book. Funny thing because it sort of came true. That almost never really happens because we all know when kids grow up they change their minds and want to be something else. Almost, because the same thing happened to my sister. She also wrote on her pre-school year book what she is licensed for today- a Nurse! Still not practising the profession becuase of 'public service." We all laugh it off now.

It's quite accidental that I wanted to be a teacher. You see, at first I wanted to be a children's book writer (I'm still working on this one). A big factor is my love for literature. I wanted to spread the love of it, and teaching, I knew, was a way of doing this. I don't want to teach kids how to read! I have no patience in that. I want to teach them to LOVE READING.

I only want to teach literature. Can I still be called a teacher? I only want to share with them how wonderful reading can be and how it opens one's eye. Like waking up to a long slumber. Like feeling the wind for the first time. Like being inlove after a disastrous heartache.

These are the teachers that rocked my world:

Mrs. Math- After everything she went through in her life and still have that power and heart to teach, not just teach but really care for meddling kids like us, was like emotional suicide. But she did that. She always pushed us until we get that problem/equation right. Like how she pushed herself to not let her problems stop her from doing what she did best.
Mrs. Values- I really hated her then. I even made her cry. I understand her now. You always have to keep your guard up. You can't show weakness when faced with kids like us (we were not good kids). She was acting accordingly to what she thought was right at that time. I realize now that when had our talks one-on-one, she was always calm and soft spoken. Evil as I was back then, I always thought she was only putting on a show. For who? We talked in private and no one could hear. She was the only one who called me Bebay. She remembered my nick name even though it was only mentioned once on our first day of school. Since she was an aunt of a friend I had updates of her life. Her husband cheated on her and left her, and then she went to teach at my school. I wanted to talk to her but hesitated. I felt shame now.
Mr. Asymptote- I don't know what was up with this gay dude! He's a moderator for this group which I joined in, and he gives me this great attention and everyone was like saying I'm in 'cause I got his nod of approval but I was never really serious with the group, and so he moved on. He taught us that math could be fun. He was the first teacher I knew that also taught college, it was a big deal for me. He was teaching us the same stuff he was teaching his college students.
Mrs. Literature- She's probably the smartest woman I know. She's quirky the way she teaches. Other students are weirded out by her and think of her as a comic. But I understand her. I don't know if this is something I should worry or feel good about. She knows her lit, I tell you that. She can take you way back to the 17th century without batting an eyelash.
Mrs. SHE- She so nice, sophisticated, soft-spoken and has the sharpest memory I know. She knows all her students even from way back. Her approach to teaching literature needs a couch. You don't get tensed at all even when there's a quiz. It's all chill and relax. Her calming air spreads through the classroom and you feel free! She likes to tell life stories and is interested to hear others' and she's easily amazed because I think she was too sheltered and grew up in a well to do family. From what I see she has a perfect family life. She loves the stories that are invoked by the books that she reads, maybe because through them she gets a slice of what it would feel like.

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