Happiness Atlast for the Bad boy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm browsing Edison Chen's instagram, I noticed he kept tagging @gaooss, when I got to this account it leads to an error. Eventually I got the idea that it was the girl modelling his clotheline. Edison has a lot of female friends that are close to him so I was assuming she was one of them. As I scroll on, it got me thinking that there was something more. So I googled 'Edison Chen girlfriend 2012.' It's imperative to put a year in it. LOL! So what I got is that this girl's name is Angela and she works for a branch of Edison's clothing line in Taiwan. It seems that our bad boy got smitten instantly upon meeting Angela because according to a co-worker of Angela, she was only working for two weeks then, Edison brought her to California with him for a business trip. The co-worker said she never came back since. Apparently she got promoted.

Aside from all these, I'm genuinely happy for Edison. His instgram pics of Angela are sweet and kilig! There was one picture of a sleeping Angela where he captioned it 'luckiest man ever.' Aaaawww....

After everything he's been through, and though he made grave faults and he's sorry aout them, he still deserves to be happy. And now he has found it atlast! Angela's also one lucky girl.

I wish Edison and Angela long and happy years together! May they find happiness in each other!

Now back to browsing Edison's instagram for kilig moments! Eeeeeh!

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