Nirvana Inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's been what, a week probably? Everything has settled in and but I think not everyone has it processed yet, well atleast I haven't. It's still so surreal to me and it's like a dream but I know it really happened and it is just so great!

What the hell am I talking about? For one night, in one gig, the most legendary band that I've ever known, that I practically grew up with, Nirvana has come together to accept their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame award. To be part of it at the first year of their eligibility? It's amazing!

Months before the event it was reported that Dave Grohl and Courtney Love, we know they don't see eye to eye, will be sharing a table... imagine that awkwardness. But no, they shoved everything aside, all the past issues and bad blood.

The world is so much better with both of them being friends! I'm sure all the fans are happy about this right? Thank goodness there were no scene and drama because I think they thought of Kurt Cobain first, as a tribute to him. 

The fact that the band's induction was a week after Kurt's 20th death anniversary, it really added something to the emotional aspect of it.

Ofcourse all the inductees in one way or another have to perform, and that's kind of a dilemma for them, and I hear that they didn't even think about their performance until a few weeks before the event. And they call up a bunch of guys and all of them declined... to be in that spot where Kurt Cobain stood, no, I don't think anyone could really take on that responsibility.

This was so much like our local band, which were like our own Beatles, and then the vocalist left and everyone was wondering what will happen next. The drummer thought of getting a girl as the new vocalist so that there would be no comparison, which was true. You really can't compare, and I guess that's what happened with Nirvana. They got Joan Jett to sing "Smells Like Teenage Spirit," Kim Gordon for "Aneurysm," Annie Clark on "Lithium," and Lorde for "All Apologies." And the best part was they had an after party at some small bar and those people right there are so lucky.

While the band performed in the bar, they say there were cameras recording non-stop. There's no word yet what Dave will do with it. But hopefully we'll be seeing it in the future.

I love everything that's happening! Such positivity!


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