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Friday, July 04, 2014

Remember in a post a few months back about the dedicated fans of Foo Fighters from Richmond who were selling tickets for a Foos concert that was not even sure to be happening. Well you know what? IT'S HAPPENING! Ofcourse they're coming, they're awesome that way!


In an interview with South African radio station 5FM, Dave Grohl said, "I'm telling you, it could become the way that bands decide where they want to play. It's a fun thing; it sort of changes the game. For the past 20 years we always decided who we're going to play with and where we're going to play. But now, if we hear that people want us to come somewhere, maybe we'll come there."
"We've been a band for 20 years and it's time for us to start going to the places we've never been," he told 5FM. "I love all of the places that we've been, and all over the world we've built these amazing fan base audiences, but I love going to places we've never been." x

So they're kicking off their tour for their yet-to-be-named album in December and they're staring it off in South Africa. They say they wanna go to some of the places they haven't been before, then I guess it's a great thing for the Philippines then!! The last time they've been here was in '96. We've been waiting!!! Come on already!!


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