2016 is Already Awesome

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The most awesome thing just happened yesterday....

I can't even.... asdffgfhhgjhgkghl

A lot of Filipino fans were so dang happy that it even trended on twitter!

Amuse Inc. had been teasing us these past days, counting down to a big announcement. I just knew, man, seriously! I just knew PHL was getting noticed.

All thanks to this hashtag (#ONEOKROCKinManila2015), I even saw it being used by Japanese people on IG!!!

Just a big thank you to everyone who made this possible, especially to ONE OK ROCK people, Amuse and PULP Live World.

Ticket prices are yet to be announced, I'm hoping and praying them organizers don't price it insanely! They tend to do that here. There's also the problem of getting there. I'm all the way from down South, and the venue's in Manila.... and I don't like flying! Never had, actually! But I just have to suck it in and just go for it! Ganbatte!

See you, Tomoya!!

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