Married at First Sight Australia

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I have heard of this show before on TV commercials but it never really piqued my curiosity that much to make me want to watch it. This morning I just happened to have landed on it on TV. I woke up a little early and so I decided to sleep in a bit and watch it.

I don't know what episode that was and what season for that matter BUT I'M HOOKED. I personally don't like the dramas involved but you'll see that there is more to it than media-grabbing attention or well, I guess, money. It's a social experiment and I love the fact that there are experts that give insights in the show and I'm really curious how this will all end... and I just spoiled it all by reading about it just now. Hahaha. It's fine, because it made me want to watch it more.

My favorite couple is Zoe and Alex. maybe because I relate and identify more with them since they are closest to my age. These two couldn't be more opposite! She's a Digital Marketing Exec and he's a Plumber... in their occupation alone, that sort of tells you of where they're coming from. I didn't like it when Zoe had some misgivings because Alex only finished 10th grade. (SPOILER ALERT!) It has already been more than a year since the show started shooting and I'm so happy to know that they are the only couple that are still together.

So what I'm really most excited to see in the show is how Zoe and Alex made it work. What were the obstacles they had to go through? I've read that Zoe had a miscarriage, and that could also be a factor that made them stronger together. It's a different thing, a different feeling, a whole different level in a relationship.

In the episode I just saw, Zoe was questioning whether the long travel from Alex's home to work was all worth it, and there's her issue with his academic background. While Alex gets the idea that Zoe is more committed to the experiment than their relationship.

I love seeing them in their instagram (@zoehendrix and @alex_garner_)! Definitely, they are my #relationshipgoals!

I think Lachlan's hot! he's like a Gerard Butler meets Bradley Cooper. He's gonna be part of The Farmer Wants a Wife's ninth series coming next year!

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