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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The story revolves around Shirayuki, a skilled herbalist. She stands out because of her red hair which is quite rare in their world, and also garners her some unavoidable unwanted attention. The prince of Tanbarun (the name of their country) hearing about Shirayuki's exquisite red hair idiotically decides that he wants her to be his concubine. Shirayuki runs away and has fled to the neighboring kingdom of Clarines. There, she meets Prince Zen, Matsuhide and Kiki who will eventually be her friends and unknowingly would change her life.. or is the other way around?


Shirayuki - She is a breath of fresh air. Besides her skills and talent, not to mention her beauty, she has also quite the character. She's very headstrong, and not the annoying kind! She is her own woman. She makes her own decisions and is not easily dictated by others, not even by a prince! She knows what she wants, and she works hard to reach it. I love her positiveness.

Prince Zen - Oh thank goodness he's was not characterized as this high and mighty, acting great royalty! Though he is only the second Prince of Clarines, he takes his job seriously (often times). He could as easily be as carefree as he wants to and give all his baggage to attendants and leave all the royal responsibilities to his older brother, but he doesn't because he is a great leader though still young. He is nobility with a heart.

Matsuhide and Kiki - They are Prince Zen's attendant. Typically, it would be the girl that reminds the prince of his responsibilities or care for him, but in the case of Matsuhide and Kiki, the roles seem to have switch. Kiki is the silent one, and only speaks up when she thinks it's time to step in. Plus she's great with swords. No one has yet beaten her. Matsuhide is more of like Zen's older brother. He constantly reminds him about stuff and gives advices and is very over protective of him.

Obi - I think he's my favorite. There's not a lot we know about his character, so what probably draws me is the mystery of his background. In his first appearance, he tried to shoot Shirayuki with an arrow. Not really to hurt her but to warn her to not step any further. But even this dude was dumbfounded by Shirayuki's actions. Of course she went on walking! Even brought along the arrow! XD He was then under a Duke's employ. For some circumstances, he became Prince Zen's messenger and was mainly tasked to guard Shirayuki. I'm looking forward to discovering more about Obi and how he got to be stealthy and skillful in fighting. BTW, he beat Zen!

Ryu - Still waiting on what this kid's significant is to the story. Classic tale of genius kid. I hope there's more to it!


Shirayuki and Prince Zen - Well duh! At the end of the first season, Shirayuki confesses that she is inlove with Zen. Though Zen has been showing his interests for Shirayuki much earlier and has even made a move on her (relax, it's just a kiss); sadly, he has not really outright said that he too is inlove with Shirayuki. I get that he's a prince and he has to be really careful with his words especially since Shirayuki holds no title. Which, if really is true, is utter bullsh*t. Instead, he asked her to take his hand and be by his side always. Though it was the prettiest declaration of love, it's also the vaguest! And that is why Shirayuki is definitely one in a million. That was enough for her - to take Zen's hand and be by his side and to move forward together. While I, and maybe some other girls, would want a reassurance that the boy really loves me, like really say it. But then again, love is much felt through action than words and boy did Prince Zen showed his love over and over through his acts. Their kind of love is inspiring because of both having such positive auras and their thoughtfulness for each other, as well as their gentleness.

Shirayuki and Obi - I think Obi has a thing for Shirayuki. Classic me, if ever my hunch is right, I would definitely root for Obi, though it's pretty obvious Zen will get the girl. My heart is already ready to sympathize with Obi once he gets his heart broken. XD Just goes to show how I'm more attracted to tragedy than happily ever after. Not because I'm sadist or anything, because sadness is more complex than happiness, and with sadness you get to think about things more deeply. Anyway, it was also on the last episode that Obi had the urge to hold Shirayuki's hand, and you can actually see his heart on his sleeve every time he looks at her. I can already see it: Obi finally admits to himself that he has fallen for Shirayuki but knows that it can't be. So he hides his feelings away and instead cheers for Zen and Shirayuki even if it greatly hurts him. (Yas! I have seen too many Shoujos! LOL!)

Mitsuhide and Kiki - I'm waiting for one of them to declare one's love. If by the end nothing has come out of their relationship, then BOOOO! It's bound to ensue some laughter since they are so opposite, but they work best with each other.

Prince Izana and Prince Zen - Izana gives off a bad vibe, but he's actually a good guy. Well, I'm not yet  hundred percent convinced and just basing my judgment on Zen. He holds such great respect for his older brother and doesn't think to question his authorities. Plus, based on Izana's back story, he showed every bit of a good leader, though he shows little to no emotions even to his own brother. I think that Izana's test for Shirayuki and Zen is his way to assure himself that his younger brother has chosen the right girl and is not up for a great heartbreak!

This anime makes me feel good and positive. I kept waiting for drama to happen but there was no such thing. I guess it's still too early to say though since season two is still ongoing. It's different from the usual animes I watch. I can't remember the last time I watched a show  with a prince on it.

Real life is hard and whenever I read mangas or watch animes, I mostly prefer those that are close to reality, slice of life and shoujos that is set in highschool. It always leaves me with a lot of feels, or just that I'm too much of an overly dramatic person. What I love about this anime is that it's light and fluffy. Just fun. It sort of calms me. I'm glad to have discovered this anime. Something to add to my preferences!


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