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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

So far, the song that I like listening to over and over is “Tear in my Heart.” Obviously it’s a song dedicated to Josh’s wife. She also appears in the music video. She sort of whooped his ass there.

I first heard about them last year. They stopped by Manila for their tour. What caught my attention was when Josh climbed a tall column and continued singing from there. I was really oblivious then that it was such a normal occurrence for this band. In my country it’s called “buwis-buhay” or something that’s really risky but doing it anyway all in the name of whatever it is the individual stands for.

I’ve been casually listening to them since last year, and it takes more than casual listening for me to be really into the band. I follow Tyler and Josh in their respective social network accounts and I like them as people (LOL). Some time last month I downloaded their songs but didn’t listen to them right away.

I got up a little too early this morning and thought of transferring new songs to my phone so I can listen to them in the office. As of now, “Vessel” is the album I have not listened to yet.

What do I think about their music? Simply put, they are awesome. They are not tied down to a genre, and I think that’s very liberating as an artist and very refreshing as a listener. They range from pop-punk to reggae, sometimes techno, but obviously the underneath it all, it’s pure rock and roll, man. I can tap my fingers and stomp my feet to their music all day long. And to top all the genre-bending things this band is doing, Tyler raps! Not in a pretentious hip-hoppy rap, he just spouts fun, bouncy and enjoyable beats.

Right now, I badly want to see them live. Hope they come back to Manila, I’ll definitely go and watch them. I want to carry them in my hands!!! Hahahaha!

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