Kimi no Na wa and Heartbreaks

Friday, September 30, 2016

Have you seen this anime?

It's your typical higschool Japanese story about a girl and a boy. I wish I could say it's just a story but it's not for me, and I guess for the other millions that have seen this film.

Many likens Kimi no Na wa to a Ghibli film which is understandable. For all we know Miyazaki's works greatly influenced Makoto Shinkai. From the visuals that electrifies ones eyes to the poignant feelings the movie has made watchers felt, yes there is an element of Ghibli-ness in it. But to be clear it is a great film and can stand / has stand on its own.

I know for a fact that it is a feels kind of movie that's why I have refrained watching it for as long as I can. Posts about the film are everywhere, and so I watched it and no regrets here. I love it because it was a beautiful, well-crafted story. I don't know if it's the hormones or something, but I didn't get teary-eyed... I full blowned went off and cried my eyes out. Don't worry it's not a sad film. Not at all. After crying, I felt so light. Would I watch it again? Over and over, yes! ...and probably cry over and over.

And the soundtrack of the film!!! It was perfect in every sense. RADWIMPS is a great band and they help made this movie greater with the music they provided. I've listening to the album since I the other day, it's that crazy good. My favorite is "Sparkle." The piano scoring are so beautiful that I'm at a loss for words. You just have to close your eyes and let it flow in your system.

My rating? 10/10!

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