i miss 90s movies - like hell!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Last night, as usual, I was flipping through the remote. Looking for something worthy to watch. (A hundred channel and still I'm not satisfied!) And there it was.. My childhood flashing through my face! Empire Records was on! God I love this movie!
 I was maybe 9 or 10 when I first saw this and just fell in love with it right away! Young as I was, I totally understood the concept of the characters being the "marginalized", "weirdos", "bad ass" etc. 'cause it's so ME! (even when I was that young!) and for them working in a record just blew me away! I wanted to be them!

Well, I guess I am them in some ways...

like Corey I'm smart, and a bit Junkie! hahaha!

like AJ, I'm a bit artistic...
like Lucas, who's such an odd ball!!
like suicidal Deb! (few years ago)
slutty Gina (not all the time!)
awkward but cute Mark!!
cool, rocker Berko! (who is the epitome of my dream guy! <swoon>)
 and other empire staff include:
Eddie (very Grunge, not as grunge as Berko though)
Joe, coolest father figure ever!
and who can forgett "Warren"!!!!!

When I have kids, it'll be mandatory that they watch this film! wahahahahaha!

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