What is Part of ME: Animated Edition

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The cartoon that I first remembered seeing was Snow White.

How I shivered upon seeing that evil step mother of hers! How Snow White even considered approaching her was beyond me. She was totally scary!!!
Then my young life was revolving around

The Hanna-Barbara toons were just classic. Very entertaining and awesome.
Some of the toons under this production were:
This was were I first knew what a dinosaur was.

Jonny is my James Bond. I had a crush on him... still do!

Who doesn't love hanging out with the gang in solving mysteries? The variety of their ghosts and monsters are just amazing and creative.

I adore this picnic basket-grabbing bear! Boo-Boo Bear is just the cutest..

and their ever reliable nanny, Rosie.
This was my first peek at what a future might look like... and IT IS COOL! I hated Judy 'cause she was most insensitive. But learned from her sisterly love towards Boy Elroy! I wanted a dog like Astro, who can almost talk.

"A blue dog?? " How I learned that anything is possible! He even has a southern accent!

Top Cat or TC was cool 'cause he was clever. Benny, I cant even... I.. He's... I LOVE BENNY the BALL!

 Wacky Races is in its truest sense WACKY! I tried copying Muttley's snicker and I'm no good!

Booooooiing.. That's the sound of the sheriff's guitar hitting a criminal. El Kabong!

When he touches the logo on his chest, it works like an intercom... SUPER COOL! X-men did it also but saw it in Space Ghost first.

Yes, a cat and a dog can get along together.. They are best friends!
Rock band by day, super heroes by night!
Herculoids. I watch this always because og Gloop and Gleep! I've always wondered where the setting for this is?
Johnny here was not cocky (unlike the film) he was only obnoxious.
I loved listening to their music period.
Loved the addition. I didn't know why they ended up in space. They have the weirdest rocket ever.
When I saw Herbie I only thought of you, Speedy!
There was a time when CN had nothing else on but Adams Family, and I devoured every episode. 24/7 of this family is fine by me! And they made movies, I just went crazy!
Blue Falcon was too uptight. Dynomutt is just precious. I always end up ROFL-ing after every episode.

This show had the most catchy opening song ever! I still remember it up till now!

The genius that is Dexter. If you really listen to him carefully, you might actually learn something! LOL!

Why do girls hate him? He's cute and macho! Be mine! And I love the fact that Andrei (nephew) loves watching this with me when it's late and we're still up.

Udder Madness. Mama had a chicken, Mama had a cow!

Dad was proud. He didn't care how! I saw their upper half... THERE WAS NO UPPER HALF!! I couldn't sleep for days!!!

Most of the time I'm on I. R. Baboons side. I just hate cocky characters. You're a cartoon. You're supposed to be funny! 
And I'd like to acknowledge:

He's so darn annoying! But I like him more than I Am Weasel

Sugar, spice and everything nice... NOT! 
Well, they have kept me busy in my pre-preschool life. Stuck at home with a nannies and maid. Thank God  my 'Ma's very thoughtful in providing me entertainment. While it has done nothing to my social life! Hahahaha. Wouldn't want it any other way.

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