Once Upon a Dream

Monday, December 03, 2012

Before I forget about it.

I had a dream about a close friend. The dream was weird. It even involved our favorite band, Queso! Oh yeah!

So it started something like this: I was searching for something or I was running away from someone, basta I was running towards a highway. Cliche, a truck is heading fast. No worries, it's not any death dream or anything. So anyways, I didn't know there was a truck, I didn't notice because I think I was crying and I don't know why. I hear some people screaming and when I look behind me, it's the guys from Queso, all of them racing towards me to save me. Take note, in slow-mo! So I stepped aside and the truck just merely missed me by an inch and I fell by the gutter. Then the Queso guys brought me in their HQ, I think? There were many people there who were obviously their friends and fans. I was sitting on this cool staircase. The lower part was folded so no one can just walk up. I didn't know how I got there, if I passed the stairs or not.

Next thing I know I'm not siiting on the stairs anymore, I was someplace else but still in the HQ with other people just lounging around and drinking. And just like in the movies, from a crowd of people my best friend emerges. He had a worried look. He instantly grabbed me by the arm and said something like "hurry or he'll see us." I had no clue who he meant, and when I looked back there was my ex. LOL!

Let's just refer to my bestfriend as BFF. So BFF lead me to this somewhat underground ghetto bar. He said he was working there. He left me for awhile to change in his uniform. Then I was surprised to see my sister there. She said she'll be meeting with some friends in the said bar and left right away. BFF came back and I told him about meeting my sister.

This part of the dream is kinda hazy. For a bar, it was pretty quiet, or was it just that in my dream I couldn't hear any music? I only remember seeing people seating and drinking. And I saw my sister again, she's with foreigners. I was shocked that her friends were foreigners because as far as I know she has no foreign friends that i know of in reality.
So anyways, BFF led me into another place I think. I can't recall what type of place it was or anything. I think we just passed right through there. And in this next location was an awesome, awesome place. I think it was an arcade or recreation area or leisure place. It was so bright and colorful. There wasn't that many people. Again he left me for awhile. I didn't know where he was going. Notice that the only line he said to me was when he picked me up at the Queso HQ. I can't really rememeber if he said something else. It's like we were communicationg through our minds. Because I don't remember speaking, even when I met my sister. Dreams are so weird like that.

I think there was a person, I think a woman, who was talking to me and when BFF came back he pulled me away from the woman. Not really in a rude way. At this point, I'm trying to think what was the ending of the dream. It seemed like we were in a Christmassy place, he was gonna show something to me and then some lady was like telling us off not to be together or something. We were very defensive about that. And then I woke up with Zoey crying and placing her head in my tummy and went back to sleep.

After every dream we always wonder what it could mean. I'm just so happy to see my best friend in my dream. In other dreams it would bother me not knowing what it meant. Maybe somehow deep inside me I know what the mesage was. I don't know but I feel very comfortable and relaxed. Maybe it just simply meant that he's still there for me eventhough we don't talk that often or see each other that much.

Funny 'cause we had that time in our friendship where we questioned each other if we were still bestfriends or even friends at all? We decided to stay bestfriends anyway. Even funnier was that time we almost went a bit further. Thank God that didn't happen!


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