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Thursday, December 27, 2012

This is a new segment in my blog where I will feature websites or anything that I find interesting on the web.

So today I discovered Kate Alvarez's site. So first I thought it was an ordinary travel blog or social events blog, but it's not. The site has a deeper purpose.

On the site's About page, I read that Ms Kat was engaged to this gorgeous guy, Capt. Anton Miguel Mapua Osmeña, whom she " lost [my beloved] Anton to depression" on that fateful day of Oct 5, 2012. So this really shocked me. Seeing the picture of Ms Kat, I couldn't see any signs of trouble or problem from her happy picture also on the About page.

That unfortunate event turned her lofe around.

I’ve been helping his uncle Mike Mapua with a website dedicated to Anton’s life and to help educate people about depression and suicide. His mother Cherry Schmidt and I have created the Facebook group, Survivors of Suicide (SOS) Philippines, which aims to provide support and emotional refuge to others like us who were left behind by good although troubled souls like Anton.

I don't know anyone with this kind of karanasan in life so I don't know what it feels like. I'll be reading on to her entries as a means of understanding and maybe so that I would have a knowledge on how to help others that have depression. The cause is good. I will surely be one of its supporter.




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