Management VS. Creative People

Tuesday, April 16, 2013




1. Spoil them and let them fail

Creative People

1.      Remember they are blind

2. Surround them by semi-boring people

2.      Accept that they don't get us

3. Only involve them in meaningful work

3.      Focus on the work

4. Don't pressure them

4.      Humor their need for obedience to arbitrary rules

5. Pay them poorly Don't overpay them

5.      Remember that money is everything to them

6. Surprise Them

6.      Don't let them trivialize you

7. Make them feel important

7.      Make them feel important



The Harvard Business Review wrote something that raised the brows of all the Creatives around the outerweb and the interweb, raising brows might be too much of an understatement. To put it shortly, it made quite a buzz, describing it as arrogant, insulting and condescending. Lancer Creative Services posted something that serves as a response to HBR's article.


Lemme just highlight this from Lancer Creative post:


§  They don't recognize that we've been dealing with "conventional people" all our lives. We're related to them.


§  They focus so much on the procedures that they overlook the point, and as a result they can't understand that we take pride in our work, even if parts of it are tedious, repetitive and dull.


§  We're just a whole lot better than they are at seeing potential problems further off, and trying to solve them before they become problems.


Can someone give people from Lancer an award or something? I like how they responded so intelligently and without a tinge of hate. I guess it's safe to say that I am one of the Creatives.




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