The Best Voice in Pinoy Rock

Thursday, April 11, 2013

...for me are:
1. Ebe Dancel - Even when it's a not so sad song, you just get so captivated with his voice that you eventually become sad... :( I like his voice in Hay Buhay. May fave Sugarfree song is Burnout. And I love his collab with Wolfmann on Piniritong Dalagang Bukid.
2. Jamir Garcia - I will and always be a Slapshock fan forever!! It was because of Jamir's coarse voice, not whispered- screamed at my ears and I just fell in love. His voice has that certain "sipa." It always invigorates me listening to Slapshock.
3. Ian Tayao - What can I say, his voice is hypnotizing... Listen to Queso's Furlan.
4. Miggy Chavez - I don't understand why I consider his voice as "malandi." LOL! That's what allures me.
All pinoy rock bands are great, I just find these people's voice extraordinary to me. Notice that except for Ebe all of them are growlers.

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