The Potterhead and Pottermore

Monday, October 21, 2013

Look how poor my stats are! LOL!

There will always be that die-hard fan and I will never ever understand what that would be like. Yes, I belong in some fandoms but that ends right there. I am not as passionate as these fanboys and fangirls. That in their every waking moment and in everything they do in a day leads down to what they love the most, and I'm not judging that! If a person is that passionate about something, then by all means go ahead with it, right?!

Like million, maybe billion, other people in the world, I too am a Potterhead. I read all the books- then read it again, and I will maybe even make it an annual thing; watched all the movies- again and again; when I couldn't get enough, I read the fan fictions; I delight in every fan art- I'm still trying to make my own; and I visit my Tumblr everyday just to see/read something that is of the Potterverse; most of all, I think this defines every Potterhead there ever is, I have a Pottermore account- WitchAsphodel20858.

I try to visit Pottermore whenever I can, but sometimes I get a little disheartened by the lags and the glitches. It wasn't really a big issue with me, because there are other factors that could be affecting it, like my laptop or my internet connection. I play for the fun of it,because I like finding things and I love the art so much. I don't like dueling and potion brewing and other socially stuff mainly because I know I'll suck. I sometimes use the chat to ask some questions but then I don't even really check if I get a reply, I type 'em out of frustration for not finding an item or or not filling the bar in that particular moment.

That last time I checked Pottermore was when the Hufflepuffs were granted first access into the first installment of The Goblet of Fire for winning the fourth house cup. Reading this article and the insight from the author just blew me away, I never really realized that there's a dedicated community existing in Pottermore, like they really do belong in one school, one house! But ofcourse that was the whole point of it all, right?

After reading this article in Hypable written by this awesome and dedicated Potterhead, I just wanted to cry with her. But really if it were me, I would just cry and maybe never come back again in Pottermore after being banned, wtf it's like being expelled! But the author is a fighter and she's inspiring, she's far from ever giving up Pottermore. If you love something, you'll never ever give it up right? Even after all the tears it gave you, still the best moments remembered are the laughter.


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