Zoey's First Day

Monday, June 23, 2014

So my kid just went to her first day of school today and she's only two years old! She's two-weeks late already but the teachers in our local public pre-school accepted her nonetheless.

It's understandable that she'd be shy and not so participative on the first day. It surprised me that she answered the teacher when she was asked if she wanted to go to school, she didn't had eye contact but she nodded. She was well aware why she was there. It took a little coaxing to take her seat but we still needed to accompany her inside the classroom while the other kids were already past that stage, except for another boy, again Zoey is only two.

At the start kids line up to sing the national anthem and for the closing prayer and a little bit of singing. She didn't quite make it to the queu and was still apprehensive, and again at the end of the class, now she already lined up but I had to be in line too. I could see her working things out on her own. I see her observing the other kids while they were singing and participating in other activities. That's actually a very promising behavior, I know sooner or later she'll be participating along with other kids and hopefully she'll be friends with them.

The only thing she was willing to do was to wash her hands, of course I still had to accompany her. I guess because that's the only thing not foreign to her since we always wash our hands at home.

Snack time. Zoey'ss favorite part of the class I guess. She was lively at that point. Maybe she was thinking, 'Eating? Yeah I can do that!'

I highly agree with the teacher when she, notso much as scolded but a little telling off, those kids that had tetra-packed juices for snack. While it claims to have vitamins and such, it's not good to be always drinking that. Zoey had water and Yakult for refreshments.

The teacher was trying to interact with Zoey and that boy who was also with his mom by asking them if they'd share their food to them. While Zoey shares her food, there are some food that she doesn't like to share. I was silently praying that this was not one of those times. Gladly though she handed her food towards the teacher meaning that she could have some. That boy also shared a portion to the teacher.

The teacher handed book bound coupon bonds for their coloring activity. Zoey was given a leaf with an apple drawn to it, and they were to color that. Surprisingly Zoey did good on the coloring. quite better than what I remember of my brother's coloring skills from when we were in our pre-school years, hahaha! Is she really just two?!

Too bad their picture book experience was cut short. Zoey only got to see one page, and wasn't even quite finish with it.

Then it was time to go home. Zoey was a little eagerto go home so I asked her if she had fun and would she go abck tomorrow? She said yes!

Oh God my little baby's growing up! Help!

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