Missing out on Legend of Korra Finale

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Apparently, this just happened and I wasn't be able to watch! I'm stuck at work!! Gadammit!

A guy working in Viacom who was able to watch the final episodes early said that the fights will be crazy and epic! More importantly, the FEELZ! There are gonna be a lot of feels definitely, so I better ready my hanky.

For the past years watching this series, it has seriously become a part of my life. It's like I wouldn't even know what to do with my early Saturday mornings (time it's being shown in my country) when LoK ends. God, it hurt typing that! I still don' want it to be over!

Korra is, for me, one superhero every young girl should idolize and look up to. In the first book, we see a very bratty Avatar, and a little over-confident. But within that first book, she learned humility, respect and to listen to others. And her self-development just blossomed on as the series progressed. Yeah, she was in stump in the recent episodes, and this is another thing that I like about her character. She admits that she will always need others help, especial her friends. And she has always been a good friend to everyone, not considering how an awful girlfriend she was to Mako.

Even if this series ends, just like The Last Airbender, I will always be rewatching this series because its awesome and I love it and it makes me feel like a kid again.

Thanks Nickelodeon and everyone who has been part in creating the Avatar World, the four kingdoms, and bending powers. You all rock! Especially to Konietzko and DiMartino.

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