The Legend of Korra Finale / So Long Avatar World

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Avatar world has really reached its end. This is really it, I guess. As much as that depresses the hell out of me, I think this was a good way to end it. I will terribly miss the Avatar world, especially the bendings, but no worries there're still comic books coming up but nothing major.

The guys that created the Avatar world are satisfied with their work and their contribution to the world and know they have made millions, if not billions, of fans happy, and so they move on to other projects, which we'll probably also love. So let's watch out for it.

The Last Airbender meant a lot to me because it became my refuge in those times when it was very confusing to be a teenager. In a way, it saved me from all the madness and gave me my little heaven on earth. The Legend of Korra gave me a hero that I could look up to. A strong, independent, beautiful person. We see her struggled but we also see her surpass all those. She gets beaten down a lot, but she endures and survives. This is our modern day her, she is our Korra.

Every one is talking about the ending, I mean the last two minutes of it! Korra and Asami? Hell to the yeah! I'm not gonna say anymore than: it's the most awesome ending ever!


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