Bridesmaid Again

Monday, March 02, 2015

My brother will be wed on two weeks’ time. It’s a rush wedding. Saturday, my mama and uncles went with my bro for the ‘pamanhikan.’ It’s a tradition here in our country, that when a guy intends to marry a girl, he asks for the girl’s parents’ permission. Decades ago, the’ pamanhikan’ is a definite must before getting married, now not so much, except for families who have held on to this kind of tradition.

The very next day we went to different hotels and function halls to look for a venue. For the gowns and suits we only went to one place. My sister knows the shop owners and they gave us a very, very big discount. After the pamanhikan, we girls got a little too excited and already discussed about the motif. The bride wanted silver/gray color motif. We didn’t actually get the exact color but it was better than we expected. The dresses are royal blue with little silver trimmings / little designs (sorry I don’t know what you call ‘em LOL). The maid of honor’s gown is the sole gray, though.

My mama already had a venue in mind. She liked this hotel very much because of the free use of the pool, even though the package price was way beyond budget. Today, Monday, my sister booked the hotel. There was another surprise! When we went there yesterday, the silly receptionist only gave us two pieces of paper that contained the package prices, when actually there were three pages. The missing page contained the cheaper package prices, but just the right amenities that we needed. And I tell you the price difference is ridiculous, so we sort of saved money with the venue/reception for the wedding.

Everything had been such a blessing! Last year I had been twice a bridesmaid and I ask my friends their budget, and they’re all insane amounts of money! So I really, really think we did pretty great in looking for those things we needed.

By the way, my brother’s marrying a Muslim, so the wedding is a Muslim wedding. We are very excited because I have never been to their wedding before. My mama and sister have and they said it’s a fun wedding with traditional Muslim dances and the other guests will place money (bills) between your fingers or your clothing. Who wouldn’t want to be given money?? Hahaha! But no dancing for me!

We also worry that we’d somehow offend the Muslim relatives, because we’re not really that familiar with their culture, and we might do something that they think is awful.

2015 is going great, indeed.

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