Moving Up

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Zoey finshed a whole school year! That is reason enough for her to get a medal! (Though everyone of her classmate has one, and three ribbons!)

She had a bike accident the prior week, and was too scared to walk. Her Tatay had to carry her up the stage to receive her medal and ribbons.

I was a little proud when her teacher had said a little comment when she called her name. She told the audience that she started 2 years and 6 months, now she's three, and though she has injuries, she still attended recognition program.

She has learned shapes, colors, counting and socializing. Not so much in writing and the alphabet, but still that's more than I could hope for. I'm still proud of my little girl.

Now my problem is whether there'll be a school who'll admit her as Kinder I with her young age.. We've been eyeing a nearby SDA preschool... and the uniform is cute! A pink dress! Hopefully, they'll accept her.


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