10 Reasons Why I Like ONE OK ROCK

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I'm a newbie in this fandom, I've only been listening to them for about two weeks? But there is no doubt that I'm an #OORer.
  1. They're a rock and roll band, duh. I don't claim to be a music expert or that I listen to a lot of bands. I listen to what I like and not force it on myself just because they are the biggest band right now, and everybody's listening to them. Well, in ONE OK ROCK's case, they are pretty big in Japan and have made it internationally, touring Asia, Americas and Europe. It kind of frustrates me that I only know about them now!
  2. Their music is catchy. Well, at least for their two latest albums, 35XXXV and JinseixBoku=, 'cause these are what I'm listening to right now. I'm still taking it slow, not yet devouring every album they have. I'm still savoring these two albums. Literally, their songs are what I'm always thinking of. Before I sleep I listen to them and after I wake up they're the first thing I think of, it's really crazy! This band is majorly distracting me in my life right now, which I still can't decide if it's a good thing or not. Like right at this moment I'm at work, but instead I'm writing about my love for their music.
  3. Positivity and good vibes. Music has always been in congruent with emotions and mood of the listeners. Songs like Be the Light and Clock Strikes, I can't even try to explain how I feel about them but bottomline is, they make me feel good. Even their parting song, Good Goodbye, gives a message of hope and upliftment! It's such a paradox, isn't it? To say that there's a good goodbye. Like the lyric says, I realized to stay / We had to break away.
  4. Strong lyrics. The first time I listened to them, I sort of mocked them for the basicness in the English words they used. Ofcourse I know that's not such a good bases since I know that it's not their first language. But when I did get to know them a little and really listened to their music, it made me recall why I love literature so much. In just a handful of words accompanied with great music, you can't ever deny that you are strongly affected. Big part of it is…
  5. Taka's amazing voice quality. Good thing both his parents are singers right? ONE OK ROCK wouldn't be the same without his voice. I like the quality of it. It's so raw and versatile. But the best thing about it is he gets the message to the listeners whether he's wailing it at you or soothing you with his crooning. This band is one of the best lives I have ever seen, only in the youtube videos but you can tell, right?! Seriously though, he's one of the best voice I have ever heard. I can almost compare him to Ebe Dancel. Almost.
  6. Rock Anthem songs. Like I said, I've only listened in to their two latest albums, but damn their songs are like soundtracks to your life, know what I'm saying? One of their songs could be that song that carry you through a moment of hardship in life. That might be a bit too deep, but dare I say their music is so unforgettable and so catchy that, yes almost, if not all are rock anthems to every youths' life!
  7. The feels. I don't understand how they can affect me emotionally, when half the time I don't understand what the lyrics is! I really, really wanna see them live, only to assess myself and confirm that I might definitely cry if some of my favorite songs get played. When you hear Be the Light, don't you feel hopeful? When you hear Decision, don't you wanna give that finger to the man?! Seriously, listening to their album could either drain you from emotions or get you high from it!
  8. Their friendship. They actually consider each other as family, and that is always a good formula for a band to last. Have you seen them in their videos? They always seem to have the best of time when they're all together. They love eating together, they fish, they shop, they practically do everything together! You can see that it's not because they're in the band so they have to always be together but you can really tell they love each other's company and not get sick of each other.
  9. Ryota and Tomoya. I like the band as a whole, especially their music –first and foremost. But there's just something about Ryota and Tomoya! Hahaha… I think Ryota's the coolest, but probably I admire him because he loves his niece so much. Tomoya… he's just so adorable! They're all funny, but I think Tomoya is on a whole different level of funny! To think he's the oldest, yet he acts the most childish, and I love that about him. His laughter! I like hearing him laugh because he laughs so heartily, like fvck it I'm gonna laugh so dang loud! Let's not even talk about his smile!!! Honest to goodness fvck, he has the best smile I've seen!
  10. Asian pride. Let's settle first that they are not the first Asian band to break out in the west. But they're doing such a great job in representing Japan, by working hard, being respectful and nice to other bands and people they work with. It's not only Japan that are proud of them, the whole Asia is, don't you agree?



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