Calm Yourself

Saturday, September 08, 2012

This morning at work, people were scandalized with an anonymous email sent to everyone. He/She ranted about the inequality and unfairness that's been going on in the office.

Though he/she didn't say any names, we all knew who he/she was referring to. To be fair, he/she did say things that were true, still he/she did it in such an uncivilized manner. He/she could have gone to our boss and just say what she wanted to say because I'm sure our Lady boss would listen because she's the kindest person ever! Maybe he/she did it in a surge of anger. His/her thinking got clouded by anger.

I get his/her point. I really do. The rebel in me gives her a nod of approval. But really if you're gonna rebel against someone, be atleast knowledgeable. Fare is the money a passenger on public transportation has to pay. Anonymous meant Fair which is without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage. And I guess he/she is an employee in our company, seems like he/she's not 'cause our company isn't ITTPL, ITPPL.

See what anger does to us? Makes us stupid. I'm sure anonymous isn't really that stupid. I hope he/she gets over this and that would be the last of the email sent anonymously.

I'm not saying we should just ignore his/her grievances. We should also take his/her email seriously. I hope that the person anonymous was referring to will act accordingly. Stop facebooking in the office, ma'am!

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