Our Plans for Zoey's Birthday, so far...

Friday, September 21, 2012

1. Cake - Since we chose a Pucca themed party, the cake has to be a customized Pucca cake that will look something like this:

I like the latter better. I already had it quoted in 7x3 size and it will cost Php1,800.
2. Tarpaulin - I don't want to place her face in the tarp 'cause I'm thinking of placing all her pics since she was born and place it in artsy frames, something like that, and place it all over the place like in a gallery.
Place her name below Happy Birthday.

Hopefully in pretty frames like these!
3. Balloons - Red and Black ofcourse.
4. Invitation Cards - Pucca again. Pucca pic on the front and the writings on the back.
5. The party will start 4pm for the entertainment for kids. Still thinking if to hire party hosts or get some friend to do the hosting?
6. We'll hire catering service for the food. We will take care of the Lechon.
7. What Zoey will wear is:
8. Buntings - I noticed that its become a trend, and I think its cute!
9. Giveaways - still Pucca-related. I'm thinking Pucca coloring pages, crayons, candies in loot bags to give to kids.
10. Thank you cards for the ninangs and ninongs will be a Zoey / Pucca pic in magnet.

What else have I forgotten?
Oh yeah! After party's at our place!!!

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