Ten reasons to keep a journal by Jessica Zafra

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The chronicler of boredom told us he was planning to start a journal. Having maintained a journal since we were 12, we can vouch for the benefits of journal-keeping.

1. Writing forces you to organize your thoughts so your life feels more orderly. In our case, writing something down makes it feel more real.

2. It's an excellent forum for venting, and unlike Facebook and other social media, the things you say in the grip of strong emotion will not come back to bite you someday.

3. The physical act of writing on paper is very relaxing. There's nothing like defiling good paper. When you're young it won't matter if you write your journal on the backs of bus tickets; as you get older you may find that you like having nice things. As Raul says, "Luxury is our revenge on the young." (We do not approve of the young having too much luxury. They haven't earned it.)

4. As Oscar Wilde said, you need something sensational to read on the train or during long voyages.

5. It trains you to hold a conversation with yourself. If you can do that, you will never be deathly bored or lonely.

6. You deal with your feelings directly, saving you the cost of going to a psychotherapist.

7. You can express all your romantic obsessions, declarations of eternal passion, and half-serious threats to kill yourself for love without making your closest friends throw up. (In which case you should keep your journal in a very safe place because if other people read it, you'll want to kill yourself.) Years later, you can re-read your hysterical entries and have a good laugh.

8. Very important for people who write: You can pilfer your journal for material.

9. You're less likely to forget something if you write it in your journal.

10. If you become famous, it would be of great help to your official biographer. If you intend to become famous, you might want to make your days sound more fascinating than they really are. Embellish. You wouldn't want to bore your biographer.

I had a journal when my life was boring, why don't I have one now that life is moving fast with my kid growing up as fast? Leave it to Ms. Zafra to make you realize things. Kailangan pa bang batukan?



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