When You See Someone Strong Fall Down

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last night, I barely got inside  our room, Tatay suddenly asked me, "Nay have you heard that Ai-Ai (delas Alas) already broke up with her young boyfriend?" (translated). First thing to register in my mind was, Tatay starting a conversation about showbiz? That's rare!; and were'nt they just married in Las Vegas last month? Before I could even answer his question, he continued, saying that the guy beats up Ai-Ai and that he only had a relationship with Ai-Ai because of a bet. Initially I refused that information. That accusation is crazy, I thought. Tatay probably sensing my disbelief added, Boy Abunda interviewed Ai-Ai in the Buzz a while ago! What? He watched The Buzz? It's amazing what happens when I step outside for a couple of hours!

Going back to our conversation about Ai-Ai... actually there was no more conversation, or rather there wasn't any conversation! I  silently ate the burger I was carrying when I went inside the room. "Tay, eat your spaghetti while it's still hot" was the only thing I said last night.

In minutes I finished my burger, Tatay sensing that I might start munching on his spaghetti, laid off on the laptop and started eating. My turn on the laptop, I went to youtube and searched for that interview with Ai-Ai Tatay was telling me. Since it just aired that afternoon I wasn't really expecting any turn up on the search. Surpisingly it was already uploaded by the network where the show was aired.

I sat silently watching the whole video which ran more than 20 minutes. Tatay left the room to take a drag, it's just me and my baby, sleeping, inside the room. After the video ended, I put down the ear phones and wiped my tears.

It left me with so many questions but for one, how could someone treat Ai-Ai- who has achieved so much, has made numerous box office hits, made millions of people happy, a top actress, and most of all a very, very good person - like trash? What a low-life!

It also irritated me, that from the start they have physical fights already but still she went on, because she loved him. From the start a person had already warned her, but did not take heed, thinking that it would change, because she loved him. You'd think that at her age she wouldn't have the naivity of a teenager, but alas! love's poison knows no age, as many can attest.

It really bothered me how Boy went on with the interview seeing Ai-Ai's state. It hurt me that she had looked less than what I usually see her, as a strong, successful, bubbly and happy woman. They didn't even cut the part when snot dripped from Ai-Ai's nose. The show could have spared her atleast a bit of dignity.

At the last part, Ai-Ai was apologizing, to herself, her kids, to the people. I'm sorry too, that everything turned shitty for her when all she wanted was to be happy. Her grieved face haunts me still. I just can't understand how something so bad can happen to a good lady like her. Well, karma's a bitch. God bless that guy that did this to her.

Lastly, I commend miss Ai-Ai for keeping faith through all this hardship. Instead of questioning God, she gave thanks for saving her and getting her out earlier from what could have been a more hot mess.

Will be praying for this strong woman.


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