Zoey's is Pain (Pein)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Every time Zoey slaps me in the face or kick me in some other part, I immediately react by hitting her hands lightly and make her understand that it was a bad thing. Later on I realize that the way I react doesn't get us both anywhere. She continually slaps or kick me and her cousin, which I'm thinking she's jealous of. I don't hear other relatives saying that Zoey slaps them, they say she's very friendly towards them. The only people she hits is my niece, her cousin, and me.

Where she gets her jealousy is beyond me. We try our best to treat them both equally. We learn from my nephew not to have a favorite. Funny that we had to learn it form a six-year old. But still both the little girls are taking toys from each other or pulling chairs from each other. We get so frustrated and sometimes I get hoarse from always telling them to stop fighting, because besides from fighting over toys they also become very physical. The niece wanting to defend herself ends up also tends to just hit Zoey... everything is really getting out of hand.

As of now we still have no idea how to make them stop fighting. I always imagined them to be bestfriends till they grow up, not too sure bout that anymore.


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