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Friday, May 16, 2014

Woah, Dany in her new outfit. Flawless, as always.

Helena Bonham-Carter will be playing Cinderellaa's fairy godmother! I love her and the way she acts, and how she doesn't care what others think and especially her quirky fashion sense. Looking forward to seeing her in Disney's new Cinderella live action movie.

First look at The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 poster. I love Julian Moore's look as President Coin.

mockingjay part 1 image 6

mockingjay part 1 image 5

For many months now Foo Fighters have been very secretive about their upcoming new album. News says that they will be documenting their recording process and it will be shown in HBO as a series and ofcourse Dave Grohl is directing it. It is inline with their 20th anniversary, they will be visiting different recording studios that have made its marks on the music industry and record their new songs there. They keep saying it'll be nothing like they've done before and I trust them! I'm really really excited for this album.

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