Epic New Album is Done!

Friday, August 01, 2014

The most talked about 8th album of Foo Fighters is finally done! A November release is upon us! Ofcourse we're talking about the Foos here. They don't just record an album just like that. They have been so secretive about their recording process and Dave Grohl keeps saying it's something different and that it's an album that has never been done before. This coming from the genius that is Dave Grohl, we believe it!

Reportedly, the album has been recorded in eight, yes eight different places, along with great great artist, and of course, it's still analog using two 24-track tape machines that they had to haul around everywhere!

Another reason that they kept this unique recording process is because we will be seeing the whole magical process in TV! Dave documented everything and will be aired on HBO.

How does the new album sound like?

Grohl said “you’ll recognize Foo Fighters in this record but you’ll also be surprised by us. We’re doing things that we’ve never done before.” He added, “Honestly, there are sections of songs that will really take you by surprise,” suggesting that the album may feature horns from their session in New Orleans. “And then there are choruses that you’ll just recognize as Foo Fighters within the first three seconds.” x
The Foos already have dates; they'll be playing in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in September a headlining performance at Las Vegas’ Life is Beautiful Festival in October, and the band’s first-ever dates in South Africa, which are scheduled for December.

Foo Fighters New Album

I really, really wish they come to the Philippines since everyone seems to be coming here, why not them. Manila is pretty far from where I am, but I will face my fear of planes and fly to our capital to watch these guys!

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