Mr. Funny Man

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Growing up with a TV plastered to my face, I would like to think that it did me more good than harm. For one it developed my English communication skills; knowledge of pop culture; and most importantly, I had the privilege to watch great films, which until this very day is still talked about and relevant.

One of the few Hollywood people I knew was a comedian. This comedian did crazy antics, did his jokes and punch lines that up till this day people would know that it was him. As much as he was very well known for his comedic skills, he was a versatile actor. He also did dramas and coming of age films, and has even been recognized for these parts.

One of my most favorite movie as a child was Jumanji and Hook; and why not throw in Mrs. Doubtfire since it has a counterpart in my country, so that was very relatable for me as a child. Genie? No words for him! As a college student, being an English major, I identified with Dead Poet's Society. Yes, Robin Williams. He was one of the few actors that I got to know as a child. He did many great, various roles and has won many awards for his acting... but just this morning I heard the very sad new of his passing. Suicide.

Like the classic Hollywood line goes, he was battling addiction and had a drinking problem and had been fighting depression. A few months ago I read in the news that he checked himself in to rehab, guess that didn't work out fine. I was shocked to discover that he had been battling with this demonsa ll this time, and I thought he was just fine and happy.

I love him, I love his films. Rest in peace mister funny man.

Makes me wonder, who will fall next in the hands of Hollywood?

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