Finished Barakamon

Monday, November 17, 2014

I finished the remaining episodes in just one night, and that means something good. I genuinely enjoyed every episode of this anime. It was all fun for LOL on the rest of the episodes, but at the last episodes of the series, I was all teary! I think it was on the second to the last episode where he spoke to everyone in the island on the phone, the moment was just so touching, that really made me tear up.

I love developing characters best when what they develop in themselves are love for friends and care for other people. It’s inspiring and it gives us a little hope for humanity. For something, that’s just a mere 12-episode anime to touch people; that could give out a positive effect, start that ripple effect and be kind not just to neighbors but also to random people.

I have crushes even if they’re just fictional characters, and I take them very seriously. Funny thing is, although Handa is a very lovable and cute character, I don’t find myself having a crush on him. I want him to be my Sensei too!! Teach me calligraphy and play with me… Yes, I’d love that very much.

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