An Unearthed Draft Concerning Starlets

Saturday, June 13, 2015

This was originally written July 16, 2014, almost a year ago!

It's about Paolo Avelino, a promising young actor in my country.

The difference between Paolo Avelino and Ton Ton Gutierrez is that... there is none. In terms of acting prowess and skills, the younger actor makes it seems that he has an acting career that spanned in congruence with the veteran actor.

I laugh at starlets (is this also applicable to the males?) who share a scene with actors, that are pillars if not pioneers, for being in the entertainment industry longer than the lives of these noobs, and are devoured by these titans.

Paolo Avelino, thanks the heavens, has the talent to back up that great look and sexy body. He was especially notable on his anatagonistic role in "Walang Hanggan." He's so effective, you just wish his character falls off a cliff. Then you see his heart breakingly beautiful face, and you just want to fix that brokenness inside of him.

I can see him 20 years from now, playing patriarchal roles, or an older lover for upcoming stars in the future and that would spring them to stardom, because that seems to be the thing these past years. They won't even be grossed out because he'd still be hot by then.

Keep doing your thing Mr. Avelino, you're doing great.

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