Gilmore Girls

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This is a story about mother and daughter, their wackiness, relationships, the town where they live, the schools that Rory (daughter) went to. This series, for me, is just the MOST AMAZING tv show I've seen in all my life.

But like in most of the things I'm also passionate about, I lack the commitment.

When it was still airing on tv at our local channel, I was kinda lenient 'cause I knew after the season they'd run it up all over again. But I got too caught up in other things that Gilmore Girls wasn't aired anymore.

And then a few months back I saw DVDs of the series and can't afford all of the season and so decided to buy season by season every pay day. But still in that  I failed to commit.

Is this a sign that I have commitment issues -relationship wise? Because people have proven this to me countless times but refuse to admit it.

In time I hope I'll be able to fulfill my commitment with you, Gilmore Girls.

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