Writing Challenge Day 5 - write a letter to anybody

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Forgotten Person,

It's been so long hasn't it? I do admit that I have missed you, because let's face it, in our little circle you were the only one who gets my humor who knew the things I needed and gave it to me, and have cooked for me delicious dishes that I know I will never ever taste again and that haunts me.

It was what you gave me- understanding- which no one I have, will and might meet will ever have for me. I guess I was really that half of you because I knew you quite well, too. I knew things about you that maybe you didn't know I knew. You're secrets were no secrets to me.. even the dark ones. As much as you would want nobody know your little dark secrets are as I desired I didn't know of them. It does something to a person.. knowing your secrets. It did something crazy to me.

Where are you now? I know you're close by but circumstances aren't letting us meet. Not that I would want to meet you or anything of that sort. As far as I'm concerned I don't wanna have to do anything about you. How I wish that the indelible mark you left me would just vanish so it won't remind of people my connection to you, but that too I have to live with as well.

I don't even hate you anymore. I.. I just pity you now. I bet you think life's unfair now 'cause you're in a rut somewhere and I'm tidied up and clad in silver up here. You deserve that, you know. 

Be careful with the rest of your life. It's gonna be long, miserable and I hope lonely.


I am smiling while thinking how screwed you are.

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