Writing Challenge Day 2 - write a fan fiction

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Aang is on his glider 40,000 ft. high in the sky looking for Appa but there was no sign of the flying Bison. He decided to check on Katara and the others, see if they found Appa.


"Any sign of him, Aang?", greeted Katara as Aang slowly lands on the balcony of the Eastern Air Temple. He shakes his head dismally.

"How can a 10-ton flying bison be so hard to find!", Sokka exasperated.

Aang gave the bison whistle another try. Still no Appa. Momo rides Aang's shoulder. "don't worry, Momo, we'll find him.", opens his glider and is again off to the sky.

Toph appears stretching her arms with a yawn. "What are you guys all yammering about?"

"Is that all you can do?", Katara snarled at Toph. "You are so inconsiderate! We've been up to our necks looking for Appa! And there you are sleeping!", she exits and continues to look for Appa.

"Hey what did I do?!", Toph confused. "Sokka-"

Sokka raised his hand to Toph's face for silence. "Toph, it's been a rough day for all of us, with Appa missing again. You know how we were like the last time Appa got kidnapped in the desert." and he walks away, continuing his search for Appa.

"Appa's lost? Wait, you guys!"


Aang, Katara and Sokka rejoined several hours after night fall.

"Appa' still nowhere to be found. He could be hurt somewhere and he can't come to us.", said Aang anxiously.

"Appa's not the only one who isn't turning in." noticed Katara, arms crossed. "Toph is gone as well. Typical. just when we need here help, she goes wandering alone doing immature things, I bet."


The next morning.

Aang awakes with a wet, sticky feeling in his face. He slowly opens his eyes and sees Appa licking him in the face! 

"Appa! Where have you been, boy? We were looking all over for you!", said Aang with a great laughter from Appa's ticklish tongue.

Katara and Sokka begins to wake up and rushes to Appa, giving him pats and cuddles. Katara notices Toph leaning behind a column. "Toph, where were you? You shouldn't be disappearing like that. I'm sorry if I yelled at you yesterday, I was just-"

"Save it, Katara. Have you guys even considered of looking for Appa in the Bison stables? Wouldn't it have made sense? He was there sleeping all day. I'm not the only one in this group who's lazy, okay?"

Shame crept in Aang, Katara and Sokka's faces.

Aang scratched his bald head, "I guess we got too panicked when we found out Appa was missing."

"You guessed?", Sokka patronizingly. "We all owe Toph an apology!"

"Not necessary! All i need right now is a long nice sleep." Toph bends a rock to form a pillow, lies down and is fast asleep.


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