Writing Challenge Day 1- . write a short autobiography

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I was born on the 7th day of September, year 1988 at around 11 in the morning at Regional Hospital (now Southern Philippines Medical Center) in Davao City, Philippines.

Since I could remember, I grew up at 128-1 A. Mabini St., Davao City. A quiet neighborhood. But I saw some old photos of what would seem to be our prior house, which was also occupied by an uncle and his family (after we moved). Very old and rickety house that was. But presently we (mother, brother, me with lola and cousin) live at my grandparent's house at Bonifacio Ext., Boulevard.

The youngest of three brood, I have an older sister, Christine (Tiny) and brother, Christopher (Topet). My Mama, Merla, is solely supporting us (even when Papa was still around).

My earliest memory is growing up watching Cartoon Network all day, every day. I am not a Batibot kid, which most Pinoy kids of the 90's grew up with. My Mama and Papa had full-time jobs and so there were other people taking care of us, my Mami Consing (bless her soul), ate Ipin and other older cousins.

I did not go to nursery. The first school I went to was Project Hope near my grandparents store. And I think I only went there for a day. Then Kinder I at Wesleyan Early Childhood Learning Center with my brother. Upstairs was a chapel, where we also did school presentations. In one, I played a butterfly. On kinder II, I transferred to Holy Child Learning Center which was only a few blocks away from WECLC. All three of us, were at this point on the same school. Here was where I learned to read and do basic arithmetic. I will never forget GUAVA because I misspelt it when my teacher asked me to. She shouldn't have, she knew I was absent the day before. Stupid teacher.

Because of siblings graduating, I was again transferred... to Magallanes Elementary School! A public School! Papa said it was near his work place so it was good. But that didn't eased my worries. I kept thinking, 'What if the kids there are awful?', 'What if the kids there are mean to me since I'm new?', etc. because I had this concept in my head that people in public schools were.. not rich, and I was afraid they didn't had manners or were so barbaric.

From an early age, my eyes were already opened to the reality of poverty in this country. My grandparents lived in a slum -boulevard. I've seen lots of kids from poor families that were so mean and grose and had deficits in conduct that they become so scary... and hence my idea that going to a public school would be like stepping in to a slum for children.

I got into a first section class. It wasn't bad at all. I was very surprised that kids there were very smart. It made kids from my previous school dumb. It made me dumb. Teaching square roots on 4th grade, are you kidding me?! However on 5th grade, there I met the "slums" of the school. I mean, I was on top of them academically but I was sorely bullied. Fortunately, my hard work landed me on the first section in 6th grade. Graduated with honor. (status is everything okay)

Me and my sister was reunited at Davao City National Highschool where she was in her Senior years. She introduced me to her classmates on the first day but I was being downright rude. Well I didn't know how to act, 'kay? The best years of my life happened there and also the worst. Enough said.

I totally screwed up at a State University and did well in a college community. With lots of gigs, party, concerts, drinking sessions, flirting, falling in/out of love and heaps of bullshit on my list of things that I have accomplished. Passed board exam, dropped out of Graduate School and now here, stuck in an office on night shift. Wondering when I can break out.

Is this brief enough?

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