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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last year the anti - bullying campaign was spreading like epidemic among social networking sites. It has helped a lot of people to be aware of this issue. Bullying I can say is more common in the US. I only knew about bullying from watching movies that had big bullies in them. Scouting for their little classmates they bully, to get their lunch, because they're different or just because.

Sadly, I have heard countless of stories of people being bullied, wanting to lock themselves at home and refusing to go out to society, afraid that others might also bully them, or worse... because it becomes unbearable for them, they commit suicide just to end it all. This is the worst thing that could happen.

I haven't been participating as much with the movement, but a certain thing has made me realize that as small as I can too make a difference and can help by just spreading the word.

Going through Khloe Kardashian's blog, she encourage her readers to join the movement. So here we are.

An upcoming film entitled "Bully"- It’s a documentary that sheds light on every tragic aspect of bullying — the victims, the bullies, those we’ve lost, the suffering families, the flawed school systems and the movement to end it all.

Watch trailer here. 
Visit their website http://thebullyproject.com/ to know what you can do to stop it all NOW.

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