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Thursday, March 22, 2012

So I received an email today from i.ph, saying that their site cannot anymore entertain blogs for free. So if i would like to continue with my blog I'd have to pay $14 and that's for two years. If not, I'd have to transfer all my entries to another space.

The reason I made this blog was because this blogsite was blocked in the office, so I made i.ph my new home. Months later it was blocked too. I found an alternative and it was blogster. Not so much amazing things going on there but you know, it worked for me 'cause I could post their whenever an idea strikes me.

It also reminded me that Cathy's personal blog is also at i.ph. so I emailed her if she was going forward with the site or she'll be moving out. Surprise, surprise! she replied right away. I miss that gal. Although I never read her blog, I knew she was a great writer and that her entries made more sense than all of my blogs combined. LOL! It was just that her topics for her entries was not what I was in to.

Anyhoo, I decided to take screenshots of my i.ph blog and post it here.

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