The Tutu Project

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This is a self portrait of photographer Bob Carey. This Tutu Project started as a donation for Arizona Ballet as part of a fundraiser in 2003. But soon after his wife, Linda, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Currently Bob has about 110 images of himself in different locations (from desert to snow-covered street). He plans to compile the images into a book entitled "Ballerina" to be published this fall.

The project's site has been launched on March 12, 2012 and has made about $8,000 from selling individual prints and t-shirts. All proceeds will benefit women with breast cancer needing assistance in meals and transportation during their chemotherapy.

Linda's cancer recurred in 2006 and has been in chemo for five years. She refuses to be brought down by her sickness, ""I don't do statistics." Bob adds, "She's kind of a rock star at the cancer center."

You can help by visiting their site You can contribute, buy t-shirts or order the book.

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