Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zoey's christening is this Saturday (24th). I am so not excited for it. Maybe because of the stress and the fact that me and Zoey's Tatay are not getting along quite fine. I don't know how to handle things on the day itself.

I'm just so frustrated right now. I'm even happy that some of my guests aren't going to make it! Whoop-dee-doo! I just can't see myself entertaining people when I'm feeling shitty as hell!

There are loads that I have to discuss with Pao but I don't want to talk to him! It's crazy, I know. I'm such a fine piece of a nut job, huh?

About the cooking of food, about the cake to be picked up, about the ride to take us all to the reception... and not to mention the expenses!

I wanna cry. This is suppose to be a happy event. As it turns out, Yasmin's the only one so excited about all this crap. Jen tells me she's already prepared and packed all the things to bring!

Welcome to the Christian world, Zoey and Princess.

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