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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I literally squealed upon reading that the Grohl's are expecting a new baby girl! Wahahaha, I know I look like a weirdo being blissful about others pregnancy, but I can't help it! Baby news make me happy, especially when its baby news from your favorite people in the world!

Another girl, huh? I bet Dave would want a boy, I mean who wouldn't want a baby boy?! But whatever gender, Dave would love the baby to pieces, because that's what he is, he's a loving guy! So he really has been very busy, with an upcoming album and all, sideprojects, and a baby! Woah! This guy really never sleeps! But it would kinda suck ' cause after releasing the new album, there will be promotions and all. They'd have to be on the road... but whatever, they probably already got the hang of that. Hahaha! Look at me, making it my problem.

I'm really a sucker for family men, not because I'd like to be with them or anything, ew! that's grose!

They just remind me of my own guy, being a great father to our kid. A tough guy on the outside but such a softie for our baby-girl. It's so cute and sexy! Wahahaha!

Congratulations to Papa Dave and Mama Jordyn and to ate Violet and ate Harper.

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