Foo Fighters: Back and Forth

Thursday, February 06, 2014

I consider myself a big fan of Foo Fighters, (they are my heroes for crying out loud!) but what kind of fan am I who just saw the Back and Forth documentary last night? Apologies to fellow Foo fans, I have been ignorant.

I didn't get why the documentary started out with Nirvana. We all know Dave was the drummer, but it was ages ago and I thought Foo Fighter especially Dave wanted to be apart from Nirvana. Then I remember what Dave said, "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Nirvana, there's no question. But I don't know if I'd be alive if it wasn't for the Foo Fighters." The reality here is wherever Foo Fighters are right now, they take their roots back to Nirvana, because Foo Fighters would not be formed if the unfortunate untimely death of Kurt Cobain did not cause the band's break-up.

For a fact I have known that Dave recorded the first album all by himself in only a week! He did everything from all the instruments to all the vocals, if that's not pure fuggin genius I don't know what is! He has an album but what does he do in live performances? Then comes the finding the band mates part, and for me the most crucial of all. Nate Mendel became the bassist after his own band disbanded. I've got to say that he's just the best guy ever. He had been there since the start and still here continuing to rock! Nate Mendel used to be just a name for me, after Back and Forth, I look at him and listen to him slap that bass, and there is that renewed respect for his patience and for just sticking it out even when there was a time when he just wanted to quit, but thank goodness he didn't! Then there was that drummer, then there wasn't because once upon a time Dave was a douche. that might be kinda harsh, but changing all the drum arrangement behind the drummer's back... Then Taylor Hawkins happened. No doubt about it, for me, Taylor Hawkins is a better drummer than Dave (yes, I can hear the angered fans). Dave is great in everything else, so let's give Taylor that. Somehow through the documentary I see how Dave's mind work and it's really just genius. He comes up with lyrics but then he already has everything else figured out, from the drums to the guitar riffs, all of it are arranging in his head! Pat Smear came and went, because he got bored. Rock star! He then says that he missed playing with the band and always gets excited when there's a new song from the Foos. Ha! Chris Shiflett is awesome, I never realized that until Back and Forth! But I'm kinda bummed that he keeps saying that it was "work" for him and how he was constantly threatened that Pat might be back again and he gets booted out, then goes on to say that it was everything he wanted when venue got bigger and louder... Uhm, you mean the rich and famous bit?  Setting those aside he's still perfect for Foo. Pat Smear came back after like the third album and you get the difference from when he was absent because his guitar work is just so head on!

File:Foo Fighters - One by One.jpg

Before the One by One album, Foo Fighters to me was just a band I listened to, but all of it changed whit this album. Listening to "All my Life" did it for me, it made me  really love them and really see them as one of the greatest bands of all time! In Back and Forth learning that this album was almost shelved and they were in the brink of disbanding and they had big fights... thank fug they made it through that. Then they worked on the album again and it was like a calling you know? For ten days, they made a masterpiece!

Their big fight was very screwed up, Taylor just ODed and Dave was playing drums for Queens of the Stone Age and the other two just didn't know what the hell to do about anything. So then there was a big confrontation, and Dave was saying to Taylor, "you didn't even watch me play with the band!" and Taylor was all like "I'm not happy that you're playing in another band!" and then there was an agreement to finish all commitments and be done with Foo. Then Coachella happened and there was new energy flowing in Dave. It was so sweet that Taylor watched Dave playing for QOTSA, although because in his mind he was thinking it might be the last time he'd be with Dave and the Foo Fighters. They took a walk and agreed to giving One by One another try... and as they say, the rest is history.

It's amazing when musicians make you feel the way you do with their music, and it gives a deeper meaning to it knowing what they have been through, what they were thinking and what they felt behind all those beautiful songs they created.

I never thought my love for this band could not get any bigger, but it did through Back and Forth. My respect is just imploding and I just fuggin love them all- not just Dave! Chris, Nate, Taylor and Pat, I got to know them more. They are not just a name to me anymore. Daves's great and a genius at what he does and very human, but credits also go to everyone who has helped and became a part of the Legend, that is, Foo Fighters!

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