Ao Haru Ride

Friday, January 16, 2015

I'm currently watching this anime series. I finished 10 episodes in one night! I was gonna go all the way but for the life of me, I couldn't keep my eyes open on the 11th episode!

I love it because, anything that makes me kilig (which according to Kris Aquino means giddy) is a great watch for me. Its not that I'm hard to please. Not all the love stories make me feel kilig, some love stories are just so eye-rollers and feel a bit too much or forced.

Lately I've been going back to stories that made me feel light and happy, like Sukitte Ii na yo. I guess I miss these kind of feels? I'm in my mid-20s for crying out loud! I should be past this point, but it's like I went backwards, when I should be more into Adult fictions and such. Ugh. Quarter life crisis maybe? What exactly are the symptoms of this? I've been saying I'm in this crisis since last year. The good part though is I'm not wallowing anymore unlike before. I've just been averting my attentions to things that are happy and light, and I think it's working out fine for me.

Who would want to be in a state of depression right? So I'm moving on. I guess you could say watching animes with highschool love stories are my guilty pleasure? ... Eew! I don't even want to call it "guilty pleasure!" I love pubescent highschool love stories and that's that!

I'm finishing the series later! Uhm, maybe after I finish my report for school tomorrow? Hahaha!

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