Happy 46th, Dave!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Belated Happy Birthday to the most awesome dude on earth!

Dave Grohl had a surprise birthday bash at The Forum. Guests included Paul Stanley, Tenacious D, Slash to name a few. And the turn out was full packed!

ICYMI: Happy Birthday Dave!
There are a few left over event shirts now available in the online store. Grab them while you can at http://shop.foofighters.comAll photos by @brantleygutierrez

That right there is a testament of how well loved Dave is. That's because he does everything full of heart and passion. Everything that's happening to him and Foo Fighters are well deserved.

And he's an awesome dad, "I got the kids up and out of bed and dressed and off to school.." x

Seriously, that black shirt, that's gonna be one of his iconic fashion or something like that. He seems to like it so so much.

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