POMKT - New Hair and Rock Lee

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lately Zoey has been into dancing... really dancing. Like crazy dancing! And I love it! I love that she looses herself to the music. I love that she has preferences in what kind of music she likes. Sadly, not the type of music that her Tatay and I listen to. Funny, no matter how loud and how frequent we play our rock and roll, she'd always request them Taylor Swifts and Megan Trainor. I hope this is just a phase. Especially the obsession with pink! Haha. Pink is okay, if subtle. Zoey's been requesting that all she possess be pink, and I just can't work around it! Frustrating. Bottom line, she loves music- and I'm more than fine with that.

Recently she got her hair cut. It's her second major haircut, not counting those times I trimmed eensy weensy bits of hair just to straighten it out. The first time was when shaved off all her head after turning one. It's like a tradition here in my country- after turning one, the kid has her/his hair cut, and some of the hair are placed inside a dictionary or bible, depending on the parent. On a dictionary of you want your kid to be smart, and on a bible if you want your kid to be good and religious. But ofcourse, those are all superstitious belief. Really, our reason was because we wanted her to have thicker hair because she had such thin hair, like I had and her Tatay when we were younger.

Not being mean or anything, but sometimes when she talks or when she's being playful, I can't stop laughing because I'm reminded of Rock Lee from Naruto! Hahahaha!

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