Alodia destroying Cosplay in the PH?

Monday, February 25, 2013

I've somehow stumbled upon this site and boy is the writer of the article angry with Alodia. Okay, maybe not really in a personal term, but you can see the writer's so pissed off. Even calling Alodia the Marcos of PH Cosplay. This was written in 2011, about the time Alodia Gosingfiao started creating a name on the entertainment industry.

Somehow I understand his rants, or maybe I don't. He has some good points especially about the part where the "Philippine cosplay will do nothing but breed sluts and manwhores" because as I myself notice some cosplayers seem to think that it's all about dressing sexy when in fact it's getting into character and humanizing the character you are portraying.

It's also a bit elitist of the writer to just jab away and rave about the cosplay not going his way. Maybe for so long he got used to the fact that when they do cosplay conventions, that he recognizes people there and the cosplayers, maybe he's having a little shock that the community he's been in has grown larger and he doesn't like the idea of having strangers... or something like that.

These are all just my thoughts. Let's be more patient and open minded about things. I know how we, from PH, want to be known about something, and the slow rising of our cosplay community is getting there, but please don't think that we have ruined our chances just becuase one cosplayer has commercialised it too much to the near point of faddism. Let's have faith that we can get that recognition we so long for!

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