Ephesians 5:33

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

And the devitional went like this:

Love is nice, but respect is oxygen for a man’s soul. We may have bigger bodies and be physically stronger than our wives. Still, every woman has the ability to cut a man down to the ground. Just with words, you can make us feel stupid and small. Instead, we need your help to grow into the leaders God wants us to be. “The wife must respect her husband” (Ephesians 5:33).

Do you want the man in your home to lead, provide, and take responsibility? The way you talk will establish the environment. Sarcasm and belittling can crush his spirit. No man can lead unless the woman is willing to take the risk of being willing to follow.

A man who feels like a midget in his home will find excuses to stay away. A man who feels like a king will run home each day to take care of and protect his queen and the royal family.


I'm mean to Pao-Pao I know that. Sometimes it amazes me how he can stand me when at times I can't bear myself! When we were just dating, he had a very short patience. Everything ticked him. I didn't mind it at first as everything was not that serious. When we did decided to get serious about US, that's when trouble started. He'd blow at me about things which I'm not aware that's making him mad. I don't really get mad easily but I do fight back! It got to a point where we nearly broke it all up. Then we talked it through, I told him to lenghten his patience or just get that angry person out of his system. He did. He got it all out of the way for me (Chos!).

Now we have a young family, no angst was ever thrown ever since I got pregnant till now that Zoey's a year old. It was I who turned into a monster... a bully? It's no secret that I insult him a lot and belittle him. But I wanna change all that, because I want him to lead, provide, and take responsibility.

Growing up in a family where my mom rules over everything and gets everything done her way, there was never really a governing paternal statute to look up to. My mom was in control of everything, and I think I'm turning out that way. But I guess we have different situation cause my mom didn't had a responsible husband- no husband at all for the past decade! But I do.. It will be a great sacrifice, especially because I would have to eat my pride, but I have to be willing to follow. May the Lord give me patience.




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