The Start of a Healthy Me!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Not "healthier" because I don't think I am! I eat meat always, I don't exercise, I don't even take long walks! It all changed when I was browsing through Sara Abad's instagram. I've known for a time that she has been working out like crazy and from gaining weight from giving birth to her daughter, she is now even skinnier from before. I just said the next morning i woke up that it was time that I too should step up my game. Haha! (Murag true?) But seriously, this has been way long overdue. I've been saying "I'm going to the gym" since 2010! Haha! I'm not on the gym yet but I am jogging and doing some simple cardio from an app for about 20-30 minutes every morning since Tuesday, so it has been three days straight! I've got to say, it got me thinking that I can't imagine myself not working out in the morning anymore! Hahaha! OA lang! I kinda know how Sara (we're on a first name basis now) feels, being addicted to working out. I'm kinda getting there.

I've learned so many things ever since I started reading about how to jog for begginers, downloading a simple cardio app in my phone, actually applying the things I was reading, to calorie counting in diet and kilocalorie in working out! And everyday I'm still learning and I love it! Haha! It's just been three days but I feel so fulfilled! What more if I ever make this as my life style? Which is my goal!

My body is really not the type that sweats so easily. I probably only sweat under the hot sun since I'm in the office the whole day and it's already cool in our room by the time that I get home at night, living near the beach with the cool ocean breeze. So heavy sweat has become foreign to me and the thought of sweating bucket-load for doin exercises somehow unnerved me. But I was wrong! I love sweating from doing exercises and jogging! It's not the eeky sweat I was dreading, it a nice sweat... Bear with me here, newbie aspiring active person here! Haha! Anyways, when I cool down, it just feels good. I now can't wait to take a bath every morning, and I find that I only take a few minutes now when I take a bath unlike before which usually takes me up to 30 minutes! You ask what I'm doing for 30 minutes inside the bathroom? Staring at the bucket full of cold water and praying to God my day will be brighter and encouraging than the bath I'm taking, haha!

It's not that I don't wan to slim down, I do with all my heart! But more than anything I'm doing this because I have a Zoey now. A Zoey that I want to spend more and more years with and her potential baby brothers and sisters. To be able to do that, I have to be healthy and strong. It's not just for me, but it's also for my famiy.

I can't wait for tomorrow becuase Joanna and I are going to the gym! Woohoo!



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