Go Idol Go

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Give your children an example of a lifestyle devoted to God, not the idols of this world.

This got me thinking on who I idolize the most? Am I even still qualified in my age to have an idol? LOL! But anyways, I don't get the "Beiber Fever" and "One Directioner" phenomena. It's a whole new era, I guess. One in which, try as I might, I can never understand. Boy, is it true when older folks tell you when you get their age you'll understand (or don't understand). Let's not get in too ahead of ourself and go psycho-paranoid on my barely 2-year old kid. Let's cross the bridge when we get there, I think. I better pay close attention what she'll be liking in the future. More than wanting her have a good taste in whatever pop culture she divulge in, I want it to be close to Godly, if not good.

Speaking of lifestyle, I better start getting active for Zoey! So Zoey will be active as well, hence get into sports and probably get her a scholarship in some great school! Yup, that's the master plan!


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